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What to consider when buying your Espresso Machine


The espresso machine that you purchase for your business will be central to your business for 5 years and more. The choice of machine is an important one and should be based on a range of factors. 

Espresso Extraction:

It goes without saying that your espresso machine should be capable of producing a good consistent espresso extraction. Additional to this it’s worth considering how well the machine textures milk. 

Additional Costs

The cost of service and repair of espresso machines is a variable from espresso machine brand to espresso machine brand. The brand of machine you choose should be robust, it should not be faulty on a regular basis. Over the lifetime of the espresso machine this can prove to be very expensive. When a repair is required you need a quick repair. Repair down time is reflected in maintenance invoice duration.

More time = More cost. For obvious reasons these costs need to be kept to a minimum. Additional to this down time also means time that you are not serving customers. Choose a stable and maintenance friendly espresso machine where parts are cost effective and quickly accessible in the UK.

Espresso Machine Price: 

Quite often it’s the cheapest machine that proves the most costly. This is experienced in maintenance charges and expensive parts costs and also the premature replacement of a high maintenance espresso machine. The espresso machine should never become the ongoing source of your attention.

Its also important to note that this doesn’t mean the more expensive coffee machines the better either.

It pays to research how a machine performs over time and to look at a machine from the perspective of a working business. Then afford the appropriate machine.

Beware of price undercutting on the internet. The lower prices are reflected with little to no warranty in the most critical period of the espresso machine life cycle. i.e. the period directly following manufacture, shipment and installation.

Leasing Available

Typically it can cost as little as £22 a week when leasing. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 07738091132  for details. 

La Spaziale S8

 La Spaziale S8



More Features

  • Built-in Features
    Controlable Group Temperature 
  • Easy access to groups
    This means the groups can be easily cleaned at any time inbetween services. 
  • Simplicity 
    This makes for intuitive interaction with the coffee making process as well as ease of maintenace for quick effective repair and service.

The La Spaziale S5

La Spaziale S5

The 2005 La Spaziale S5 is an innovative single boiler espresso machine that produces beautiful espresso and excellent espresso based drinks.

The La Spaziale S5 was designed with the classic La Spaziale patented heat exchange system at its core. This is the key to the important single boiler temperature stability during coffee extraction on La Spaziale espresso machines. This implemented with developments resulting from astute observation up to that point in time, in 2005 La Spaziale produced the remarkable La Spaziale S5 espresso machine.

Since the establishment of La Spaziale in 1969, the year Niel Aiden Armstrong ventured into space to be the first man to set foot on the moon, La Spaziale have continued to pioneer and evolve, always building a better machine than the machine that came before. 

The results of the La Spaziale continuous technical evolution that arrived at the beginning of our millennium was the intuitive La Spaziale S5, an espresso machine that truly releases the Barista to interact with the coffee and the customer. 

The La Spaziale S5 is a robust espresso machine design with seamless ergonomics but cunningly, it also boasts an additional attribute; a design that enables quick and effective maintenance. Faults are rare on La Spaziale espresso machines but when encountered they can be repaired with the espresso machine back to pressure within half an hour. The unique advantages of this are tremendous when considered in a working business setting. 

More recent La Spaziale models such as the La Spaziale S8 and S9 are developments on the famously effective La Spazile S5 espresso machine structure.

With the brilliant La Spaziale UK team in support, parts are affordable and quickly accessible anywhere in the United Kingdom.